About Us

Harmony & Grace Tails are a UK based luxury fabric tail company that use quality fabrics, environmentally safe ink and a close to zero waste design practice.

Harmony & Grace Tails was a dream started by two real life mermaids, Mermaid Grace and Mermaid Harmony! Grace Page entered the world of Mermaiding in 2011 but had been dressing up as a mermaid since she was a child. Her passion for performing as the mythical creature quickly led to media recognition and a higher demand for 'professional mermaids' in the UK and thus her first mermaid based company, Hire A Mermaid UK was born! Grace took the mermaid world by storm and after winning Miss Mermaid UK in 2016 she became the national director for the pageant, which makes H&G Tails her 3rd Mermaid venture. Grace runs Mermaid Camps through Hire A Mermaid UK teaching not so ordinary humans how to be extraordinary mermaids! It was at Mermaid Camp that she met Amy Blunden who was a student on the Spring 2019 course.


Amy took to mermaiding like a fish to water and her professional acting experience made her a popular mermaid to book! She jumped in to her new skill with 'both fins' and won Miss Mermaid UK 2019. Amy is a professional seamstress and is always making unique fashion pieces for her small clothing business, which you can find on Depop by searching @AmyBlund. Amy is also an incredible artist and has painted some stunning mermaid portraits. The combination of Grace's business knowledge and standing within the mermaid industry with Amy's sewing skills and fantastic artistic eye meant they were a business match made in heaven and now the two friends have turned their unique expertise into a brand new venture!

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