Frequently asked questions

I want to purchase a mermaid tail

What are your tails made of?

Currently we only sell Scuba Knit fabric tails but we may be expanding on this in the future.

What sizes are available?

Our standard sizing ranges from an Adult XXS-XXL and you can check our sizing chart to see what size tail will fit you.
Alternatively we do offer custom sizing! When purchasing your tail choose 'custom' in the drop down box and enter your measurements in the info box before check out, we will need your waist, hip, mid thigh, knee and calf measurements to create the perfect fit! Custom sizing costs an additional £40 on top of the cost of the tail being ordered. Please note that custom sized tails cannot be returned unless faulty. See our Returns Policy for more details.

Do I need a monofin? What monofins go inside your tails?

YES you will need a monofin if you are planning on swimming in your tail. Additionally monofins give body to the fluke when the tails is worn on dry land.
Our tails are designed to fit the Mahina Mer'Fin but other similar sized monofins may fit. Mahina Mer'Fins can be purchased by visiting www.mahinamermaid.com

Do you sell monofins?

No we do not sell monofins. Our tails are designed to fit the Mahina Mer'Fin which can be purchased by visiting www.mahinamermaid.com

Do you sell childrens tails?

Only to registered mermaid schools or by special request. Mermaid tails are classed as professional sporting equipment and should only be worn by strong experienced swimmers. Whilst we understand that many children dream of being a mermaid and may even be strong and experienced swimmers there is a big safety responsibility that goes hand in hand with purchasing a mermaid tail. 'Adult' mermaids are able to shoulder this responsibility and seek the training required and so at this time we have made the decision to only provide adult sized tails in our online shop.
If you would like to inquire about us supplying tails for your mermaid school or if you child has had professional training/proof of experience and you would like to purchase a tail then please get in touch!

The tail i want is sold out, will is restock?

Our limited edition tails are released with only a certain number available in order to keep them special and rare, unfortunately once they are sold out that exact tail will not be restocked although the tail 'design' may be re-released in new colours, which will again be limited availability. Our signature line of tails will always be available for purchase and so will never be 'out of stock' with the exception of limited edition colour releases. Don't forget that we also offer custom tail designs! So if you have a dream tail in mind use our 'Custom Design' page to place an order!

What's the difference between a Lycra tail and a Scuba Knit?

Whilst both make excellent material for mermaid tails, they both come with their own pro's and cons. Pro's of Scuba Knit: -Colours are bright and full of depth, material is colour fast
-Thicker than lycra, generally seen as a more comfortable 'luxurious' fabric'
-Provides some warmth
-Seen as more realistic due to it not being typical 'swimsuit' material and the thicker material slightly hides knees/human features more than lycra -Strong material, will last a long time Con's of Scuba knit: - Prone to 'piling'/'scuffing' in high traffic areas with repeated use, can be avoided if handled with extra care but areas like the 'heels' of the tail will likely fade over time, especially on darker colours
- Is more expensive than Lycra Pro's of Lycra:
- Colours are bright and full of depth, material can be colourfast* - This material does not pile or 'scuff'
- Cheaper than Scuba Knit Con's of Lycra:
- Doesn't provide any warmth in cold water
- Prone to tearing with repeated use
- *Depending on Lycra type and printing technique colours can run/fade over time
- Very tight material, can feel constricting/be seen as 'unflattering'

I have a question about my order?

I need to make a return, what is your policy and what to I do?

Refunds are only provided if the item received is faulty. If you wish to make a refund claim please email harmonyandgracetails@outlook.com with the subject line "Refund" and include your order number as well as pictures of the issue within 48 hours of receiving the product. We will then get back to you with further details.
Exchanges: To avoid sizing issues please check our size guide carefully before making a purchase. Should you need to exchange your tail for a different size please email harmonyandgracetails@outlook.com with the subject 'Exchange' and include your order number within the email, we will then reply with details of where to send your return. Once the tail has been received in NEW and UNUSED condition we will send you a new tail with the size of your choosing.

What are your current shipping times?

Due to this being a new business and common delays caused by the Coronavirus pandemic you can currently expect to receive your tail between 4 & 6 weeks after placing your order. We expect this wait time to be greatly reduced by July 2021.

Custom Tail Designs

I want to order a custom tail, how to I do this?

There is nothing better than owning a tail of your own design! Simply head to our 'Custom Design' page and download one of our tail templates, the use the design software of your choosing to create your mermaid marsterpiece and upload it using the form provided or email it to harmonyandgracetails@outlook.com. Make sure your design is scaled to 100% at 200dpi for the best results.

I have a design but I don't have the right software/digital skills to bring it to life?

No problem at all! Simply email your design to harmonyandgracetails@outlook.com and we can bring your design to life! Whether you've put pen to paper or you've created something you're not quite happy with - we can turn that dream into a reality!
A 20% non returnable deposit will be required before we begin the designing process.

I have an idea but i'm struggling to put it together, can you help?

Of course! Sometimes it's hard to get what is in our imagination out onto a piece of paper or computer file, we can work with you to create the tail of your dreams. Please get in touch and we can give you a quote!

Tail of the month

How do I submit my design for tail of the month?

Simply email your design to harmonyandgracetails@outlook.com and use the subject 'Tail of the month' Please attach your file as a png, if your design is digital and your tail is selected we will need the TIFF file and potentially the PSD file as well so make sure you keep those safe! You can either us our signature template which can be found here or just let your imagination run wild!

What is your 'Tail of the Month' competition?

Every month we will give you the opportunity to submit a tail of your own design, from the submissions one tail will be chosen as the 'Tail Of The Month' winner. The winners tail design will be available for purchase for one calendar month and they will receive a 10%* commision from every sale of their design. Every year on the 1st December all 12 TOTM winner tails will be available for purchase once again until midnight GMT on the 31st December. in the year of 2021 there will only be 9 TOTM winners as the first winner will be selected for April. Full terms and conditions will be previded to all competition winners. *The 10% commision will be from the profit of the sale and not the total sale.

When is the deadline for submission?

Entries will be accepted from the 1st to the 10th of every month prior, so for example if you wanted to be considered for Aprils competition you would need to submit your entry between the 1st and 10th of March.
Any entries received outside of this time frame will be deleted without opening. Entries cannot be rolled over to the next month, so if you wish to enter again you can either re-submit a tail design you have already entered or submit a new design.

Ts&Cs of Entry

TOTM = Tail Of The Month Competition
We are anticipating this to be a popular competition with many amazing entries every month, so if you are particularly proud of a design and it is not chosen we do encourage you to submit it again.
Only one entry per person will be accepted per month, those who submit multiple entries within one month will not be eligible for consideration. If you are chosen as a winner you will be unable to enter the remaining TOTM competitions for that year.
Entries for each month will only be accepted from the 1st-10th of the month prior, any entries received outside of these deadlines will be deleted without opening.
We have created this competition to support the worldwide mermaid and artist communities and to give opportunities to undiscovered talent, however we understand that a competition of this nature opens us up to artist liabilities and critisizm. By submitting your design for TOTM you herby release us from any and all liabilities and you cannot make any claims against us. We are constantly coming up with our own new designs and any similarities to tail designs you have submitted will be purely coincidental.
You will retain rights to your submitted design until such time that it is chosen as a winner. As soon the winners design is chosen H&G Tails and the competition winner will have joint ownership of the design, a license agreement will be provided to the winner.
All winner selections are final.