We are  pleased to present our third Tail Of The Month Winning Design!


This design is extremely special and unique because it is the first tail that we have featured 3D detailing - something we have wanted to try since we launched last March, this design presented the perfect opportunity to test it, and as you can see from the video it looks amazing! The fluke on this tail is HUGE, We have included a picture of Grace trying on the protype to show the scale!

- We do not put vinyl in our tails, the fluke moves beautifully in water without however you could certainly add some vinyl yourself if you wanted some rigidity for land gigs! Buying and cutting the vinyl yourself works out cheaper than us supplying it for you as you avoid the additional weight and size costs at postage. As the 3D elements make the fluke heavier than a standard fabric tail we would recommend a stiff vinyl if this was something you wanted to persue.

- Due to the size this tail will work with many monfins, as standard with our tails we leave a small opening at the bottom where a foldable fin (such as the mahina) can fit through. This allows the tail to remain mostly "closed" with no zips - however if you would like to use a stiffer monofin we can leave the tail bottom fully open for you, please make sure you select the right option for you in the drop down menu.


'Viola Nebula' is by Robyn Turner/Mertasia Mermaid

She had this to say about her design:

"My name is Robyn Turner aka Mertasia Mermaid (Instagram Mertasia.23) I have wanted to be a mermaid since I was a little girl after watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid - from then every birthday and Christmas I asked my parents for my very own mermaid tail. As an adult I was finally able to get my tail and live the dream! Showing my 2 daughters that you can be anything you want in life even a mythical creature. I designed this tail to be perfect for a magical mermaid princess - incorporating light blue and purple which are my little girls favourite colours.Thank you again for bringing my tail design to life you have done such an mermazing job!!!"

Viola Nebula

  • As well as the standard care practices with our scuba knit tails (which will be included on a postcard with your purchase) these care practices must be followed:

    - The 3D elements will hold excess water, be sure to thoroughly squeeze all of the excess water out before laying out to dry. DO NOT wring any part of your tail to avoid damage, only 'squeeze'
    - Our tails are designed in a way that minimal stuffing shift should occur however some movement and 'empty pocket' areas may occur, should this happen, gently squeeze and massage the stuffed area of your tail to correct any lumps/unevenness.
    - Your fluke will be extra heavy due to the 3D elements, especially after swimming, be sure to lay the tail on a drying element evenly, without any weight/stress on any one area DO NOT 'HANG' YOUR TAIL